The Best Investment You Can Make

Short volume is one thing, and it is useful in that it often reflects market maker sentiment. In the cases of big market maker shifts, it is important to pay attention to other technical and fundamental factors. That’s why VolumeBot was created, to allow investors to easily check daily short volume and market maker sentiment. That being said, no one knows the future – not even market makers who are technically one of the most informed investors out there.

The best choice for an investor is to invest in himself/herself. The second best choice for an investor with a long time line to retirement is to invest in a low cost broader market index fund like SPY and live life.

Trading rapidly is fun, but honestly the food is better in Vegas. Between the commissions and the spread, it’s hard to beat the market. Most people don’t.

But what does work over time is to basically invest in the market. Due to inflation, productivity growth, and population increases, the stock market is going to go up on a long enough time line.

A famous site has a famous saying that on a long enough timeline, everything goes to zero. That is true, but we don’t really live on long enough timelines. We live in the here and now, and in our timeline, for those young enough, investing in oneself and a low cost index fund works great.


The Best Investment You Can Make
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