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The Infamous Four: The Top Four Worst Long Time Buys on the Market Today

Unbeknownst to many, there are stocks in the market today that are engines of capital destruction. The securities have caused pain to countless investors before, and will likely cause pain to countless investors hence. Although there are no sure things, the stocks will likely make you a millionaire … if you are a billionaire. While […]

The Top Five Catalysts That Can Make or Break a Stock

Unless you’re the most boring person in the world and exclusively own just 30 year Treasuries, your portfolio’s value will probably gyrate substantially from day to day. Although stocks behave randomly a lot of times and do strange things for no reason, there are several specific factors that could cause your stock to move up […]

The Top Five Long Term Buys on the Market Today

The market today is full of opportunity and pitfalls. Given those conditions, let’s analyze five long term buys for long term investors: #5 Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) Tesla is perhaps the most controversial and riskiest security on the list. While Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) isn’t exactly profitable, it has the most potential to change the world. […]

What Will be in the VolumeBot Newsletter?

When the newsletter comes out, the VolumeBot newsletter will shine a focus on stocks with all or some of the following: Big changes in daily short volume reported to FINRA, thus showing potential shifts in market maker sentiment. By virtue of their position, market makers have a good pulse on supply and demand. With catalysts […]

The Best Investment You Can Make

Short volume is one thing, and it is useful in that it often reflects market maker sentiment. In the cases of big market maker shifts, it is important to pay attention to other technical and fundamental factors. That’s why VolumeBot was created, to allow investors to easily check daily short volume and market maker sentiment. That being […]

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