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The Eye on Volume Newsletter is a weekly newsletter that shines more light onto high volume occurrences such as breakouts, abnormal high volume events, institutional buying disclosures, earnings reports, and more.

Volume is important because it shows interest in a stock. Interest in a stock could lead to more buying which could propel a stock higher especially if a stock’s float is small. Furthermore, interest in a stock could show support whereby a stock bounces at a certain price.

High volume is defined as volume that is very much higher than a normal day’s volume. These occurrences occur around earnings reports, M&A disclosures, institutional buying disclosures, analyst upgrades and downgrades and more. Once a stock passes a high volume point, it could have upside.

Together with volume analysis, this newsletter will use factors such as technical analysis, short volume analysis, and more. We will make paper trades on certain occurrences that readers can follow along with.

Do not invest any money on any recommendations or paper trades. This newsletter is intended to help narrow an investor’s watch list only. It is up to you to do more research.

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Here is What One Week of Our Newsletter Looks like:

We’re in Facebook in our paper portfolio.

We like stocks rising in an orderly fashion more than stocks in a downtrend or in their consolidation phase. To us, Facebook is trending higher and the moving averages are now bullish. Stocks moving higher could potentially indicate institutional buying, which can continue a long time. The moving averages are bullish because Facebook’s stock is higher than its 20 day, 50 day, 100 day, and 200 day moving averages. Those moving averages which used to be considered resistance technically are now considered potential support.

We like how other tech stocks like Apple that were in downtrends are now rising in an orderly fashion. Big tech stocks often fall together and rise together. We like how the NASDAQ and S&P 500 and Dow Jones are all close to their highs.

Facebook’s previous issues were due to the regulation concerns. Of the big tech conglomerates, Facebook is arguably the most exposed to regulation because it concerns media.

With Mueller’s Russia investigation having concluded without a smoking gun and Facebook paying more attention to privacy, the regulation concern isn’t as bearish.

Facebook’s real business has a lot going for it with plenty of money to be made from Facebook’s bot business, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Facebook’s forward P/E is cheaper than Alphabet’s and under 20. Facebook is run by a great founder who like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos plans ahead and takes no prisoners. Facebook has a good ROA of 24% and ROI of 25.8%.

Facebook is the first pick in the Eye on Volume Newsletter.  In our paper portfolio, we are in Facebook at $173.72.

Short volume is slightly bullish with 4-2 short data indicating short percent of 29% and 4-1 short data indicating short percent of 29.11%, the lowest it’s been for a while.


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